Youth Sobor 2013
Ukrainian Orthodox Church of USA
The 2013 Youth Sobor is Friday, October 18 to Sunday, October 20, at our Metropolia Center in South Bound Brook, New Jersey.

youth so×bor (yoo-th suh-bor) - noun. 1. A council or gathering of youth from around the country to make decisions for the future and well-being of the church. 2. The place where the voice of the youth can be heard.
What is a Youth Sobor?
Downloadable Materials - use link to the left to register!

The following materials need to be completed and returned by
October 1:
* Release Form
* Medical Form
* Expecation Form

Chaperone Forms completed and returned by October 15:
* Chaperone Form
* Chaperone Expectations

Addtitional Materials:
* Schedule
* Travel Information
* Youth Sobor Flyer
* Youth Sobor Poster

If you have any ideas for possible discussion topics, guest speakers for the 2013 Youth Sobor, or have any questions, please email
Learn more about past Youth Sobors!

Read the 2004 Vision for Statement for the Ideal Future of the Church
When is the Youth Sobor?
Register on-line - here!
Who can participate in the youth sobor?
Any teenager who will be between the ages of 14-18 during the time of the Youth Sobor.

What is the cost to register? $120. This includes all meals and materials. Your parish may be willing to subsidize this cost.

What will we do there? Students will participate in the general Sobor meetings as a context for understanding what the Church does and how they contribute to the workings of the Church.

As a group they will discuss what they have recognized and hear from guest speakers relating their experiences. The students will then work in small groups to prepare programming guidelines for a new or current national program of their choice. They will produce a plan that will become the basis for implementing new programming and improving national youth programming.

A major component of the Youth Sobor is meeting and interactive with other teenagers from parishes across the country.

Where will we stay? Holiday Inn - Somerset. Information for rooms here.

What else do i need to know? Each Youth Sobor participant will need to have a chaperone. Forms for chaperones are available on this page. If you will be travelling by plane or train, we will coordinate your pick-up from that location.

Keynote Speaker
Fr. Anthony Perkins
UOC Director of Vocations