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Our Mission
The College Student Mission Trip to aid orphanages in Ukraine, is a ministry of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA. We hope to bring aid and comfort to special needs orphans and orphanages in a country that currently does not have the means to do so. By our actions, we hope to show the face of Christ to these children, their caregivers, their administrators, our host families and all we come in contact with and by doing so reaffirm the Holy Orthodox Faith amongst the people of Ukraine. We pray that by offering daily prayer services, as well as our love and works, that we will bring not only ourselves but all involved closer to Christ our God. This mission is also devised to provide young adults with the opportunity to deepen and learn about their faith through true Christian witness, pilgrimage, fellowship, and love.

Our Program
Eight college aged young adults are chosen from a pool of applicants to compose the Mission Team. The Team Members are led by a Spiritual Team Leader and a Lay Community Team Leader. They meet with the CCRF Staff in Ukraine who also accompany the Team to the orphanages.

While on site, the Team spends time with the children playing educational games, conducting a “special olympics’ type program, helping during meals and physical therapy, singing, performing short plays and special projects such as the 2004 Team teaching the children basic gardening skills. The activities are tailored to fit with children who have multiple disabilities such as: leukemia, physical deformity, Downs’ Syndrome, and mental disability to name a few.

The team also helps with physical improvements to the facilities such as spackling walls, painting, repairs to furniture and wooden structures, and whatever may be needed at the time of trip.

The Team Members are responsible for raising the funds for their trip. Any funds that they raise above what is needed for the cost of the trip becomes the Team’s donation to the orphanage.

While in Ukraine, the Team is given the opportunity to visit historic sites such as the Pochaiv Monastery, Percheska Lavra Monastery,
St. Michael’s Cathedral, the Kociv Market and tour the major cities of Lviv and Kyiv.

The trip lasts for 16 days, which includes a day for orientation and a day for debriefing in South Bound Brook, NJ.

2014 Dates Moved to August - See Below!
2014 Trip Dates Moved to August 10-18
Registration Now Open!
Registration Deadline May 1, 2014

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