Great Lent Giveaway
The Great Lent Giveaway was designed as a way for our youth to learn about the beauty of Great Lent and instill in them that Great Lent is not only a time of fasting but a time to do good works and of contemplation, while preparing for the death and Glorious Resurrection of our
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The current year program and programs from past years are provided
below. They may be used during Great Lent or be adapted for use during your normal Youth Group Sessions.

The GLG is a partnership of the OYM and the Jr. Ukrainian Orthodox League.

Great Lent Giveaway 2015
Blessed are the Peacemakers

Benefitting Ukrainian Orthodox Church
Ukrainian Aid Fund

How do we participate?

A new lesson/activity will be made available Wednesday of each week.

These lessons are intended for ages 11-18. However, they may easily be reworked for older and younger participants.

We are also providing a list of materials to be used with
youth ages 5-18.

Past GLG Programs are provided here. They may be used and modified for anytime of the year.
What is the Ukrainian Aid Fund?
The Ukrainian Aid Fund was instituted following the murder of over 100 Ukrainian citizens on the Maidan in Kyiv and the subsequent conflicts in Eastern Ukraine. In the last year, The Ukrainian Aid Fund has distributed nearly $200,000 in aid distributed by the hand of His Grace Bishop Daniel to individuals recipients not organizations.

With the most recent visit to Ukraine of His Eminence Archbishop Antony and His Grace Bishop Daniel on the first anniversary of the "Heavenly Hundred", even more aid has been distributed. It is the intent that as long as Ukraine finds herself in this conflict the Ukrainian Aid Fund will benefit those affected by the tragic events.

Click here to learn more about the most recent visit of the UOC Hierarchs.

In addition to raising funds to for the Ukrainian Aid Fund, what else will the GLG do?

We hope to provide information about the Ukrainian Aid Fund and the ministry it is supporting. In addition, to deepen the faith of our young people, lessons will be provided to learn about becoming peacemakers and the Orthodox view of war.

2015 - Blessed are the Peacemakers
*How To/First Discussion Guide -
What is the Ukrainian Aid Fund
* Letter from Jr UOL President Kocelko
* Fundraising Ideas

* Poster
8.5 x 14 8.5 x 11 11 x 17
* Simple Logo

Session One - What is a Peacmaker?
Available March 4
Week 1 - Leader
Week 1 -Participant
Session Two - Why does God Allow War?
Available March 11
Week 2 - Leader
Week 2 -Participant

Session Three -
Becoming Peacemakers
Available March 18
Week 3 - Leader
Week 3 - Participant