Youth Workers
Ukrainian Orthodox Church of USA
As Youth Workers we often times don’t know where to look for new ideas, programming, or personal rejuvenation in our ministry. We hope that this page provides you with resources to aid in all of those areas.

Young Adult Outreach

It is a vital role of our ministry to maintain outreach to our young adults. Studies now show that teen adolescence is
extending into the early 20’s of our young people. We need to prepare to aid them in their journey as Young Orthodox
Christian Adults. Click here for more information concerning this topic. Read the articles on Young Adult Outreach from the Greek Archdiocese.

Orthodox Circle

Online Social Networking for Orthodox Christians
Resources for Youth Workers
You may also want to check the YoungLife, TeenLife, CollegeLife or Young Adult Life pages for more programs.
Ukrainian Orthodox Camping Programs
Orthodox Christian Fellowship
Youth Worker Handbook
Youth Ministry Certification Course
High School Domestic Mission Trip
Ukraine College Orphanage
Mission Trip
Eastern Orthodox Committee on Scouting
Great Lent Giveaway
International Orthodox Christian Charity
Activities for youth and teens
Youth Group Programming/

Several programs provided to meet the needs of different age groups.
A Mission Statement for Youth Workers

St. John Chrysosotom, Homily on Ephesians 6:1-4

Let us raise our children in such a way that they can face any trouble, and not be surprised when difficulties come; let us bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord... When we teach our children to be good, to be gentle, to be forgiving, to be generous to love their fellow men, to regard this present age as nothing, we instill virtue in their souls, and reveal the image of God within them. This, then, is our task: to educate both ourselves and our children in godliness; otherwise what answer will we have before Christ's judgment seat?
The Ladder

A blog for Youth Workers and Parents hosted by the Greek Orthodox Youth Department