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What's it About?


Faith, Hope and Love - Home Edition!  Provides youth with opportunities to gather on-line to learn about and discuss their faith.  They can also meet other youth from across the country.  


FHL Jr and FHL Teen sessions are provided daily on different topics such as art, history, science, and music. Each day will have a different presenter. (Scroll down to see the schedule). If you miss a session but REALLY wanted to participate, we will be recording each one and posting it to our Youtube channel!


Storytime does not have a theme.  Miss Kira and Miss Denise will be presenting some of their favorite stories.  They are the director's of Mommy&Me/Daddy & Me Camp.


When does FHL-Home Edition take place?

Weekdays between 12:00 - 2:30pm EST - Check below for each weeks's daily topics!


12:00 - Storytime with Miss Kira and Miss Denise

12:45 - Faith, Hope & Love Jr. 

1:30 - Faith, Hope & Love - Teen


Who can participate?

Youth of any age. Here are the sessions that you would choose to attend:

Ages 8 and younger - Storytime w/Miss Kira and Miss Denise

Ages 9 - 12 - Faith, Hope and Love Jr.

Ages 13 -18 - Faith Hope and Love Teen

How do we join?

  1. Ask your parents if it is ok for you to paricipate.
  2. Make sure you have computer, tablet or Smart phone
  3. Use the link provide to join the session on ZOOM.  You may need to download the app for ZOOM the first time that you use it
  4. Zoom will ask you to register - you will need an email address for this
  5. Follow directions and Join the group!!!!!!


Join Today's Session Here!

Be sure to refresh your browser each day!

Schedule Week of March 29th!

Monday - Friday - Stories, Strech and Songs  12 Noon EST

FHL - Mini - Children 8 and under

Join Miss Kira, Miss Denise and Miss Natalie



For FHL Jr (12:45pm) and FHL Teen (1:30pm) - SAINTS WEEK!

Monday March 30th - Mash-UP

    Tithing - Presenter Alexis Naumenko - Jr National UOL President

       Giving 10% - GIving to the Church - Orthodox Church in America

       ST. Volodymyr and Tithing - Encyclopedia of Ukraine


  Tithing - Presenter Alexis Naumenko - Jr National UOL President

    St. Mary of Egypt - In the Wilderness

         St. Mary of Egypt Printable from Many Mercies

         St. Mary of Egypt Lesson - Dr. Pat's Church School - ages 3-5

         St. Mary of Egypt - Turn Life Arount - Orthodox Education Blogspot

         Mary of Egypt - Video - Lives of Saints

         St. Mary of Egypt for all Ages - Frederica Matthews Green

         Discussion of St. Mary of Egypt - Orthodox Livonia - Audio Lesson for Teenagers


Tuesday April 1st - Ask Father

   Join Fr. John Charest and a surprise friend each session!

   Fools for Christ

       St. Xenia by Video by California Pilgrim


Wednesday April 2nd - Lunch With Vladyka

   Choose your lunch and join Vladyka Metropolitan Anthony - learn about his favorite saints


Thursday April 3rd - Ask Father

   Join Fr. John HCarest and a surpirse friend each session!


Friday April 4th - Health

   Healing Saints and Your Health - Presenter TBA



Monday - Friday March 23 -27

at 12pm EST

Storytime with Miss Kira and Miss Denise

Monday March 23rd - Anthony the Great by John Sarantakis, illustrated by Misha Pjawka  available at Ancient Faith.

St. Gerasimos and the Lion by Georgia Kalogerakis - pub. St. Nekatarios Press.






Presenters Members of the Jr Ukrainian Orthodox League National Executive Board

Learning about stewardship and why it is important in our life as Orthodox Christians.  Especially during this time of Great Lent.


Learn more about the Great Lent Giveaway!!!

Tuesday March 24th


Presenter Fr. Taras Naumenko

Fr. Taras will share some of the special music of Great Lent and discuss why it is different.  You can share your favorite Lenten music. Make sure to have it ready to play!


Here are some resources from Fr. Taras' Presentation today!

Open to Us the Doors of Repentence

By the Rivers of Babylon 

Pslam 137 or 136 - Source of By the Rivers of Babylon

Discussing Psalm 137 with Fr. Thomas Hopko


Prokemenon of Forgiveness Sunday

Turn not away Your face from Your Servant, for I am in trouble; speedily: hear unto my soul, and deliver it.


Let My Prayer Arise

Hymn - Let My Prayer Arise

Psalm 140 or 141 - Sourse for Let My Prayer Arise


Now the Powers - Liturgy of Pre-Sanctified Gifts


Letter from Mother Gabriella



Wednesday March 25th


Presenter Michael Kapeluck

Michael will discuss two icons he is currently working on - The Raising of Lazarus and the Decsent into Hades(Pascal Icon).  You will get to see his studio and learn about the icons.


Archangel Icons - See the Icons of Michael!

Introduction to Icons - Orthodox Cathecism Project

Introducing Hymnongraphy to Children through Iconography - OCA

All About Holy Icons - Video by Orthodox Pebbles

Holy Icon Crafts - Orthodox Pebbles

Icon Facts for Kids by Kiddle

Venerating Icons - Be the Bee

Icons to Color - Orthodox Church in America

Icons to Color - Sparks for Orthodox Toddlers

A Gift for Matthew by Nick Muzekari

Beautiful Things: An Orthodox Coloring Book by Megan Elizabeth Gilbert

From God to You by John Kosmas Skinas

Pictures of God by John Kosmas Skinas


Thursday March 26th


Presenter Michael Andrec

Michael is the Director of the Office of Archieve for the UOCofUSA. He will discuss a bit about what he does and then take us on a virtual tour of the current art display of the Ukrainian History and Education Center - Visible Music: the Art of Yukhym Mykhailiv 

Art Work of Yukhym Mykhaliv - Virtual Tour

Stone Babas: A Modern Viewpoint - Art Ukraine

Yukymn Mykhaliv Biography - Encyclopedia of Ukraine

Friday March 27


Presenters Fr. John Haluszcak and Fr. Robert Popivchak

Fr. John will be presenting to FHL Jr. looking at the writings of Mother Alexandra of Holy Transfiguration Monastery. Fr.  Robert will be presenting to FHL Teen looking at our faith and science.


From Fr. John

Lord's Prayer Slides - Coming Soon!

A Reminder: Fr. John has asked for you to help him write his book.  Look at each slide and write down notes of how you would explain that part of the prayer or what it makes you think about.  Email him your answers at otetsivan@gmail.com

From Fr. Bob

Prayer in Time of Corona Virus - UOC of USA

Morning Prayers of Protection from the Coronavirus

Werner Heisenberg, the father of quantum physics, once said:  

"The first sip of a glass of natural science will make you an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass, God awaits you.  Will we be able to get to the bottom of the glass?”

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