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Great Lent Giveaway 2019

Benefitting Heifer International

About the Great Lent Giveaway

The Great Lent Giveaway was designed as a way for our youth to learn about the beauty of Great Lent and instill in them that Great Lent is not only a time of fasting but a time to do good works and of contemplation, while preparing for the death and Glorious Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

The GLG is a partnership of the OYM and the Jr. Ukrainian Orthodox League each year a new topic and beneficiary is selected.

In the last 16 years, our youth have raised over $26,500 for charity, raised awareness on the needs of fifteen charities or archdiocesan projects, and collected additional items such as icons, diapers and IOCC Health Kits in an estimated additional $5000.00.

The current year program may be used during Great Lent or be adapted for use during your normal Youth Group Sessions.

What is Heifer International?


For 75 years, Heifer International has worked with communities to end world hunger, poverty and to be better caretakeres of the Earth.


Heifer Endeavors to do this by empowering families in the following ways:

  • training people in sustainbable farming;
  • helping farmers gain access to the market;
  • empowering women.

Click here to learn more about the Heifer International

What the GLG is doing this year.


We are asking the youth of the church to raise funds for and awareness about Heifer International. Each Jr UOL Chapter, parish Church School or youth group will have the opportunity to choose how they help! 

By utilizing the GLG Donor Form, they can choose from 15 different "gifts" from goats to rabbits, from cows to care packages.  

When you send in your funds, make sure to attach your Donor Form.

Another unique feature this year will be weekly videos featuring the officers of the National Jr UOL Board.  They will be presenting different aspects of how we may grow our faith during Great Lent and how this should motivate us to be good stewards of our funds and resources by supporting Heifer International.  The videos will be made availalbe weekly at the Consistory Youtube page. Click here for access!

The GLG also provides sessions for deepening our faith during the season of Great Lent - focusing on Christian compassion and giving.

These sessions should be conducted during lenten youth gatherings and in conjunction with the GLG collection.

Additional Sessions


   Stewardship/Almsgiving - to accompany Cyril's Video

        Session 1  Leader Packet

        Session 1 - Participant sheets

        Session 2 - Leader Packet

        Session 3 - Participant sheets  


   Compassion in Action - to accompany Natalie's Video

        Session 1 - For Younger Children

        Session 1 - Leader Packet for Teenagers

        Session 1 - Participant Sheets for Teenagers


  Pray Without Ceasing - to accompany Anna's Video

     Leader Packet for Teenagers

        Participant Sheets for Teenagers

How to Participate


  • Download the GLG How To Session. (This session is written with suggestions for all age groups of youth)
  • Conduct the How To Session
  • Decide how you will raise your funds and make it happen!
  • Watch the weekly videos on the Consistory Youtube Channel
  • Choose your "gift(s)" from the GLG Donor Form
  • Send in your funds and donor form by August 1st or bring to the Ukrainian Orthodox League Convention being held at All Saints Camp (directions for checks and where to mail are in the How To Session)
  • Pray for those doing the work at Heifer International and for those in the world living in poverty


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