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Sacred Arts Contest

With the blessing of our Hierarchs, we are pleased to announce an opportunity for the youth of our church to express their faith.
The Consistory Office of Youth & Young Adult Ministry wants to encourage youth and young adults to explore their creative talents and to glorify God through art, with the Annual Ukrainian Orthodox Church Sacred Arts Contest.

Part of our mission, is to provide youth and college aged young adults the opportunity to become more involved with their faith, while showcasing the talented and creative youth we have within in our Ukrainian Orthodox Churches. We want our youth to realize that having fun and utilizing creativity can be manifested in a project that shows how they correlate their life with their faith.

Provided on this page are the rules and entry information for the contest. We ask that you encourage all youth and college students to participate. Deadline for entries is October 1st. Prizes will be awarded for first and second place. This year we will be focusing on visual arts. Participants may make their submission in any visual art form: drawing, painting, watercolor, computer design.

Questions about the contest may be made to the Office of Youth & Young Adult Ministry at uocyouth@aol.com

How the Contest Works!
This year the topic(see below) is the same for all age categories
Entry Artforms: Visual Arts is the focus for this year. Entries may be submitted in any type of visual art - drawing, painting, watercolor, computer graphics.

Entrants will be judged within their age category

Make sure to review the rules and regulations to make sure your artwork is submitted correctly.

Submitt your artwork by October 1st to uocyouth@aol.com with the needed entry form.

All entrants will be on display at the 22nd Sobor of the UOC of the USA October 16 - 19, 2019. At that time our winners and runners-up will be announced.

Topic, Age Groups, Resources
This year the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA is holding the 22nd Sobor of the Church. We are asking the youth to sumbit a visual depiction of YOUR parish.  This may be interior or exterior.  

Age Groups

1. Ages 6-9 Younger Children:

2. Ages 10-12 Older Children:

3. Ages 13-18 Teenagers

4. Ages 18-22 College Aged Students:

Download Resources

Entry Topics

Entry Form

Contest Rules


Winning Prizes
1st Place Winners will receive a custom Christmas Ornament of your winning photo and and a $40 Amazon Gift Card! Use of the winning photos will be used as a profile image on one of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA social media sites and featured in the Ukrainian Orthodox Word.

2nd Place Winners will receive an Amazon Gift Card!

All participants will receive a small gift of thanks for their participation! All participants' artwork will be shown at the 22nd Sobor

2018 Faith & Photography Winners

We are pleased to congratulate this year's winners of the Faith & Photography Contest! To view the larger photo, view the slideshow. Hover over the image to learn about the contestant and how their photo was important to the history of their parish.

(6 images)

Ages 10 -12 Second Place Qorey Carter - My photo is of Bishop Joseph A. Zuk. He is an important part of my church’s history. When he came to serve in my church in 1931 he was Fr. Joseph Zuk. This year we celebrated 100 years of orthodoxy in America and I learned that Father Zuk was ordained as the first bishop in the new Orthodox Church of America in 1932. Bishop Zuk was the first fulltime pastor in our church. He continued to serve at St. Demetrius Ukrainian Orthodox Church until he died in 1934.
Ages 10 -12 1st Place Alexandra Sabin - The picture I took shows a piece of my parish’s history because it shows the name of the people that helped to build the parish we currently worship in. The children of the original benefactors(as seen in the photo) still come to my church, which I get to see every Sunday. The history of our parish lives with them.
College 1st Place Victoria Swindle - From the help of my parish priest, I was fortunate enough to handle and look at the original blueprints that were drawn for my parish in the year 1927. Just two years later, the building was complete and families along with friends came together under the Ukrainian Orthodox faith to worship. As the years went by, hundreds of people have walked through the doors, and as a current member I am proud to be apart of the rich history of this church.
Ages 13 -18 Second Place Clarissa Sabin - This picture shows a piece of my parish's history because it shows the time capsule of my parish. When our parish was first built in 1941, the builders and priests present decided to make this capsule in order for the next generation to discover. No one knows what is in the time capsule, but in 2041 (100 years after the parish was built) the time capsule will be opened by the current members of the parish. History will be discovered within it.
Ages 13 - 18 Third Place Anna Swindle - I chose to take a picture of the priest and his wife who founded my parish. One of the parishioners of my church is the granddaughter of this couple, which just shows how the word of Jesus Christ can truly last from generations to generations. 93 years ago this couple made the decision to build my parish and I am beyond grateful for them doing so, because I wouldn’t be who I am today without my parish.
Ages 13 - 18 First Place Ryan Anderson - My photo is a picture of a very intricate gospel. This gospel tells a special history about what the first parishioners of our parish used during the liturgy. This gospel dates back to the beginning of our church over 100 years ago. My great-grandparents venerated the same gospel I serve with.
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