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Consideration for Choosing Parish Youth Workers


Choosing youth workers for your youth ministry team should not be taken lightly.  Our youth deserve the very best and to have well educated, loving adults as their mentors.   Your youth ministry team should consist of people who:

  1. Regularly participate in the Liturgical Cycle of the Church
  2. Regularly partake of the Sacraments
  3. Are willing to devote the time needed to make the program work
  4. Are willing to gain more education about their faith and youth work
  5. Are good Orthodox Christian role models
  6. Are energetic and positive
  7. Are mature, reliable and hardworking
  8. Enjoy spending time with children and teenagers and will take the time to get to know them

Take the time to search out people with these qualities.  Try not to force someone into the position who may not have the talents, time or interest.  This will only result in your program not getting off of the ground, not improving and doing a disservice to the person that has taken on the position.

Positions on a youth ministry team may include:

  • Youth Minister (youth group leader)
  • Church School Administrator(s)
  • Jr UOL Advisors
  • Parents
  • Young Adults
  • Parish Elders
  • Youth Representative (Jr UOL President)
  • These are only a few possibilities

In addition to your team members, additional volunteers may be cultivated as sub-committee members, chaperones, drivers, teachers, etc.  Our parish family can all play a role in the raising and upbringing of our youth in the Lord!

Ensure that you set up your youth workers for success!  Give them needed resources (monetary, supplies, etc) to properly conduct the ministry.  One key element is to ensure that they receive the proper training to feel secure and confident in what they are being asked to do.  Training may be provided in a variety of ways:

A list of expectations from you should be given to the youth minister/youth ministry team from the beginning. These expectations would include timelines, report due dates, request for a yearly program outline, and your expectations concerning time and commitment.  You could discuss this with the person/people in consideration, so as to make the expectations realistic.

If your youth minister is a paid position, a list of expectations and guidelines should be given to them prior to the start of their work for you.  Spiritual Fathers should set up a regular time to meet with them to discuss ideas and progress.

You need to look into your state’s requirements for background clearances for volunteer and paid youth workers.  These requirements should be met for the safety of your children, youth workers and your parish.

The men and women who fill these positions will need your love, guidance and support.  Please take the time to nurture their vocation and in turn they will nurture our children. 

Forms and Resources


Youth Development Stages

Orthodox Youth Workers of North America

Additional Forms may be found on the Youth Protection Page


Resources from Orthodox Organizations

Jr Ukrainian Orthodox League


International Orthodox Christian Charities

Orthodox Christian Mission Center

YES – Youth Equipped to Serve http://www.focusnorthamerica.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=84&Itemid=176

  • The Purpose of the program is to encourage our youth to live out their faith through service  to others YES provides opportunities for youth to get involved with outreach at different levels and help them grow into positions of student leadership.



  • Ten-day summer vocation exploration program designed to help students discern their life callings.


Orthodox School Association



Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North America Youth Department


Resources Available

  • Sessions and Retreats (ages 5-18)
  • Orthodox Christian Teen Survival Guides (excellent, short discussion starters)
  • Teen Video Series
  • Joy and Goya Curriculum
  • Youth Worker Pulse
  • Saints Alive!
  • Be the Bee
  • The Trench

Orthodox Resource


  • Printable and on-line studies for teenagers/young adults.  Podcasts for teenagers and young adults


Orthodox Church in America Department of Youth, Young Adult and Campus  Ministry


Resources Available

  • Leader Information
  • Youth Activities and Retreats
  • Study Units and Guides
  • Saints You Missed in Sunday School
  • Wonderblog


Antiochian Orthodox Church of North America Youth Department


Resources Available

  • PVC – Purity, Virginity, Chastity – curriculum
  • Great Friday Vigil
  • Let Us Attend! – weekly children’s on-line Gospel (partnered with Ancient Faith Radio)

Phyllis Onest

Former Director of Religious Education – Greek Metropolis of Pittsburgh


  • Resources for Orthodox Christian Educators


Office of Youth Ministries


The Office of Youth Ministries is the Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries and Office of Camping Ministries of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA.

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Patron Saints


Learn about St. Christina of Tyre and St. Julian of Tarsus who are the Patron Saints for the youth of the UOC of USA.

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